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 “My passion for
traditional woodwork inspired
me to set up this business and my aim is to build the best workbenches in the world”

 As a furniture maker I have always specialised in working exclusively with hand tools as this is where I find satisfaction in my work and a connection to each item that I build. While learning to work efficiently with hand tools I came to appreciate the importance of a good workbench as any work flow that can be achieved is otherwise disrupted while you fumble around looking for ways to support pieces on a rickety surface.

Over the years I have taken a great interest in historic workbench designs from the times when hand tools were the only option and the craftsmen honed their skills and had an enviable knowledge of their art. I have built and tested many different workbenches, even some genuine historic replicas,

and I have used everything that I have learnt to put in to my current range of designs; ‘The Workhorse’ & ‘The Artisan’.

I love what I do and take pride in
my work with an aim to build the best workbenches in the world. I have

selected materials and designed bench hardware which I believe lives up to this aim and mixed together with a high level of craftsmanship my benches are deigned to last a lifetime and more.

A well designed workbench has become the most important tool for me in my workshop as I can rely on it to provide a stable and rack free surface that can hold work in any position with incredible speed. I believe that a good workbench can enable speed and efficiency within woodworking whilst a great workbench can inspire passion, enjoyment and take your woodworking to a whole new level.

Richard Maguire Traditional Wooden Workbench Maker - UK.