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Bench stops are the true meaning of efficient work holding and once mastered they can really speed up your work flow. Stops can come in a variety of forms but will consist of a block or batten of wood that can be conveniently secured to protrude slightly above the bench top. Work pieces are butted up against stops for support whilst you plane the edges or faces etc. and can be quickly swapped around without the need to open and close vices.

Simple stops can be made from battens of wood and secured to the bench top using the face vice or a holdfast.

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On the ‘Artisan’ & ‘Workhorse’ workbenches the bench top is constructed in two sections to allow a full length ‘flip stop’ to be included down the centre. This stop can be left flush with the bench top so that it remains un-noticeable when it is not required but within seconds can be flipped over to protrude the surface and offer support in many situations.

Although a simple addition to the workbenches this stop has many uses, for example butting work against while using a biscuit jointer or combined with a bench dog can allow you to very quickly plane all of the faces of a board, and is even sturdy enough to support work for scrub planing.

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Richard Maguire Traditional Wooden Workbench Maker - UK.