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Orders can be placed via email,  - see
contact page for addresses. We will need to to know the model of workbench you wish to order along with your chosen bench height.
Your order details will then be confirmed on an invoice which will be posted out to you.

Payment can be made by bank transfer.
Generally we will accept a deposit of 700 ($1095) at the time of order, with the remaining balance paid prior to delivery.

All workbenches are built to order, please send an email enquiry to learn our current waiting times. The time taken for delivery varies by location so please include details of your zip code along with the model of workbench that you are interested in.

CLICK for Terms and Conditions.


The price listed for each workbench on this site is inclusive of all costs required for the bench to reach an address anywhere within the United States *.
Workbenches are shipped directly from our workshop in England and we cover all handling and customs charges from our end so you will not receive any unexpected bills.
Delivery is made to your curbside by a tail- lift truck.

We provide pricing on this website in United States Dollars (USD) for your convenience however we do require payment to be sent in United Kingdom Pounds (GBP). Changes in the exchange rate may affect the list price slightly.

* Please note that some hard to reach locations may incur a price rise due to additional delivery expenses. We reserve the right to alter our prices at any time.

Richard Maguire Traditional Wooden Workbench Maker - UK.