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Edward Slater from Wimbledon purchased a 6’ Modern Workhorse Workbench.
“Choosing to spend the money on this workbench I can safely say, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I decided to buy the bench out of a firm belief that people work better in more aesthetically pleasing environments.  Richard's bench not only has an aesthetic appeal, but it also manages to achieve the wonderful balance between the attraction of its form and the ability of it to perform its function. The strength of its function lies in the shear weight of it and volume of material that make it up, even in this, the more streamlined bench in the range. It is an extremely substantial piece of furniture and while using it one is fully aware of this feeling of something that is solid and well made. It gives off an ever present sense of quality. The vices as you would expect perform flawlessly.” 

I feel I am perhaps too young in my career to properly judge craftsmanship, as I am not that experienced, but I can't help but feel that Richard's work is exemplary. The level of finish and attention to detail is easy to admire.

It is an investment for the future, a future the bench will perform long into, creating its own history in use, which is fitting as history and tradition seem to have inspired its creator." -Edward Slater

S. Cunningham from Salisbury required his Roubo Apprentice to be customised.
“Thanks Richard! The bench has been well worth waiting for, I’m just stunned with its size and you’ve created such an excellent finish. Better than I could have possibly imagined”
- S. Cunningham

Richard Maguire Traditional Wooden Workbench Maker - UK.