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‘The Workhorse’ and ‘The Artisan’ make up my current range of workbench designs. Both of these benches have been created to provide an exceptional work platform for woodworkers through their heavy construction and meticulously installed vices.

Large timber sections and draw bored mortice & tenon joinery are used for the base trestles ensuring that each bench is solid and rack free, while thoughtfully designed vices provide fast & versatile workholding. A flip-stop is featured down the centre of the bench tops between two top sections that are built as a solid thickness to give the benches enormous strength & weight.

Kiln dried ash is used throughout and this is a very dense and stiff timber that can resist knocks and support its own weight well along the long tops. A blend of oils and waxes are applied to give a durable finish.

Some simple assembly is required and full instructions are provided.

Please note that all workbenches are built by myself and so quantities are limited.

The Maguire Workhorse - Click  for details.

Maguire Workhorse Workbench

The Maguire Artisan - Click for details.

Maguire Artisan Workbench


Richard Maguire Traditional Wooden Workbench Maker - UK.