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Designed to be both extremely rugged and versatile the Maguire ‘Workhorse’ takes inspiration from the 18th century designs of the craftsman Roubo. The combination of traditional vices teamed with stops and dogs allows the user to find a quick and stable means of holding work of all sizes for a very fluent and satisfying work flow. Set up to take on any task; hand or power, this bench truly is a real ’Workhorse’.

Leg Vice,
Wagon Vice,
Sliding Board Jack,
Full length Flip Stop.

Top thickness: 3 1/2”
Legs: 5 1/4” x 3 1/2”
Standard Height: 34”
Length: 84” (7’)
Width: 24”

Price: $6260 (including all delivery costs)
Every Maguire Workhorse bench comes complete with a handmade wooden screw leg vice with roller supports installed, a full length flip stop, a sliding board jack, solid ash shelf for the base, Maguire wagon vice and two brass bench dogs.

This price includes all costs required for the
workbench to reach your door at any US address including customs fees.
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Richard Maguire Traditional Wooden Workbench Maker - UK.